Travelling ‘On the Run’

My day job affords me the opportunity to travel quite regularly. I am lucky that I get to explore a variety of destinations. I like to combine sightseeing with keeping up my fitness and dietary regime whilst away so I have instituted a ritual that goes something like this:

1) Pack a pillow case from home because the familiar scent helps me get a better nights sleep.

2) Pack some gluten free, sugar free raw bars and/or find the nearest supermarket, growers market, health food store on arrival in order to stock up on fruit and healthy breakfast items (such as small tubs of plain tofu from Asian grocers). I only occasionally eat out for breakfast and rarely do the hotel buffet thing because I don’t have a big enough appetite to make these good value.

3) Take public transport and walk to get from the airport to my accommodation, and to just generally get around, whenever possible. * this requires packing light and I usually travel with hand luggage only.

4) Pack my running shoes and scout out the nearest parkland, forest, water front or other interesting sightseeing location to run each morning or afternoon.

5) Use a combination of online searches and wandering to discover great new places to eat and shop along the way.

6) Pack my swimmers and goggles and then find convenient public swimming facilities to get in a morning swim session or two.

7) Throw in a stretch/yoga/Pilates/calisthenics session and/or use the hotel gym if the weather is inclement (although there is a lot to be said for running or walking in the rain when the temperature is right). I often pack a resistance band to help with this type of work out.

8) Catch up with local friends over a nutritious meal and/or spot of sightseeing.

I am writing this post whilst on a flight back from Brisbane to Sydney and as an example of the above, here are some shots from my run around the beautiful Roma St Parkland (, in Brisbane, this morning…


20140725_070355 20140725_071018 20140725_071338

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