Richmond Good Food Market

20140719_121700_resizedI love heading out to a good farmers market of a Saturday or Sunday morning and getting my munchies on! Last weekend I decided to try out a new market I had found on Facebook that is located at Richmond, NSW, about a 20 minute drive from my home. It was a grey, cold and windy day but the brave souls of Richmond Good Food Market ( were out in force, exhibiting their home grown and home made products.

The first stall I visited was selling honey, preserves and giant unwaxed apples, of several varieties, picked fresh and absolutely delicious! I bought one of each type of apple to take home and try. The next few stalls were also local market gardeners with an array of reasonably priced fruit and veggies for sale and all harvested that morning.


Only a few steps further I suddenly heard a female voice call out my name. Imagine my surprise when I recognised the face of April Gillies whom I hadn’t seen since high school! Not only did April recognise me, and I her, but she also then went on to point out her partner Greg who then recognised me as an ex-member of Virgin Gym at Norwest, where he had worked! Things only got even stranger when April revealed that she had actually been googling me of late as a friend of hers, and client of mine, had recommended me as a designer! Talk about a small world and array of coincidences! Our stars were definitely aligned that day.

April has quit her corporate day job to launch Zeal2u  ( a healthy lifestyle business that home delivers fruit and vegetable boxes, and runs the most delicious market stall ever!

I can tolerate a small amount of oats so I risked April’s hot Oat and Quinoa Porridge (see photo below that I took whilst sheltering in the car a little later).Filled with warming grains and spiced stewed apples, it was topped with April’s signature fruit/seed mix and a little honey, to create the ultimate in winter comfort food! Unfortunately I am finding that quinoa irritates my digestive system so I should really lay off it in future, even if the scent and flavour of this brekkie did give me quite a case of ramification amnesia!


I also took one of Zeal2u’s gluten free chocolate brownies to my folks and sister who very much enjoyed it, by all accounts.


Richmond Good Food Market is on every Saturday from 8am-1pm and is located at 117 March St, Richmond, NSW.

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to Everleigh Markets, with plenty of free parking and a country town atmosphere, this market is well worth the drive!

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