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As many of you know, I am super passionate about raw vegan food. I am not a vegan but I love this cuisine because of how great it makes me feel after eating. Raw vegan food is incredibly colourful, good raw vegan chefs are extremely highly skilled in presentation, the flavours are sophisticated but clean and bold, it leaves you feeling energised and it’s honest, gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free totally delicious food. Now you can imagine that raw vegan market stalls certainly catch my attention and this was the case recently when I stumbled upon RAWsome Creations at the Hawkesbury Harvest Markets at Castle Hill.


RAWsome Creations is the brain child of this gorgeous chicky; Taylor whom, like me, is not a vegan but follows a clean eating/Paleo style diet and hails from Western Sydney. Taylor tells me she has a sweet tooth (don’t we all???!!!) and in transitioning to eating clean she turned towards making raw vegan desserts as a way to still have her cake and eat it too! I can certainly identify with her experience in finding she had less cravings, clearer skin, more energy and less bloating by steering clear of refined sugar, gluten, chemical additives and dairy. Greater Western Sydney does not yet have raw vegan cake shops or restaurants so Taylor decided to experiment in her own home kitchen. She soon became hooked on trying different flavour combinations in raw vegan sweets and cakes, creating far more dishes than she and her family and friends could eat (I don’t think they were trying hard enough ;-)). Drowning in brownies and caramel slices there was only one thing Taylor could do… she called for help on social media and booked her first market stall! Luckily her first stall was a massive success and she sold out of product, saving her from the truly terrible fate of being forced to to eat more than her own weight in delicious, healthy cake! 😉

rc cake

From that first market stall, RAWsome Creations took off and even cafes started contacting Taylor to ask if she could supply to them. She now has a dedicated kitchen beside her house in Minchinbury and this savvy entrepreneur’s vision is to expand her stockists whilst keeping the personal touch in her business by continuing with the market stalls. Taylor shares my passion for helping others become all they can be through healthy eating so she is releasing an e-book of her recipes this week. Now foodies of all diet types can try their hand at recreating Taylor’s raw vegan treats at home. But beware!… Taylor warns that raw vegan ‘cooking’ is time consuming so brew yourself some chai, put on some chilled out tunes and settle in for some patient and laid back food processing if you’ve decided to take on this oh so tasty challenge.

rawsome icecream

Alternatively you can join me in visiting Taylor’s stall at the Castle Hill Hawkesbury Harvest Markets every 4th Saturday of the month 8am-12pm or at Glenbrook Markets every 1st Saturday of the month 8am-12pm . This is the ‘rawsome’ lady who has brought ‘icecream’ back into my life by leaving out the dairy, sugar and xylitol. That’s enough to win over my little foodie heart!

caramel slice

You can buy the RAWsome Creations e-book upon release via http://www.rawsomecreations.com.au/

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