Polycystic Kidney Disease Health

Recently I represented PKD Australia and gave the following talk at a PKD Seminar in Melbourne.

I started morethanpkd.com to counter the lack of inspirational and positive information I found online when diagnosed. A speaker I heard at a business conference recently talked about work/life balance, what really matters and how to live healthy and happily.

This got me thinking about the question so often asked by people with PKD – what can I do, for myself, in the face of a disease I cannot control? And I thought how everyone takes pills prescribed by our doctors, almost without question, but it’s funny how it’s so much harder, and we offer so much more resistance, when asked to change our lifestyles.

So if, like this speaker, our doctors told us to turn off all technology an hour before bedtime, keep technology out of our bedrooms and go to sleep earlier, would we? Or to do yoga, stretch, meditate and seek to reduce stress in our lives each day. Or to replace our meat and 3 veg dinner with a salad, would we? Could we get up and watch the dawn and fit sunsets into our lives, to reconnect with nature and improve the way we feel every day?

I think that whilst the researchers search for a cure for PKD, what we do for ourselves every day is to do what everyone could do for themselves to be healthier every day.

Imagine if we, whom have the odds stacked against us with chronic disease, were to answer the call and light the way to everyone around us, setting an example through our actions, as being the healthiest person everyone around us knows? What a profound effect it can have on others when people look at us and go “Wow, she/he has PKD and yet look at what she/he is doing, what’s my excuse?”

What we can do is be brave, take control of our own lives, focus on what we can do, what we can control, and what really matters, to live the healthiest, happiest and most balanced lives we can.


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