‘Love Life & Gluten Free’ Recipe Book Review

You know that moment when your eye is caught by an attractive gluten free cookbook cover, you pick it up, excitedly flick through it and then your heart sinks because the food is all really unhealthy, the recipes are long and complicated and the ingredients list requires you to take out a new mortgage on your home?

Well, I am very please to say that ‘Love Life & Gluten Free’ by Angie Cowen is NOT one of those books! Yes, it has a beautiful cover featuring the adorable Angie herself, and sure the photography and quotes inside are lovely, but the real treat here is how accessible the recipes are. It’s like gluten free cooking for idiots!..Or for busy and hungry business owners/triathletes like me!


Angie’s recipes are no fuss, quick, clean, healthy, gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free and predominantly vegetarian. There are many low FODMAP and vegan options and most of the recipes can be converted if need be. You will need a food processor and a good oven although there’s a sizable portion of raw vegan goodness also waiting to be discovered. Most of the recipes use only eight ingredients or less and are broken down into just as many simple, one sentence long steps. The treats keep well as lunchbox fillers and as long ride sustenance. Angie has included plenty of nice ‘technique’ recipes for simple basics and sauces/condiments to elevate even the quickest salad to trendy cafe menu level.

I’ve ‘cooked’ the ‘Raw Chocolate Coconut Balls’ (TIP: if you find the mix too dry, add more dates), ‘Vanilla Coconut Rough’, ‘Cacao Nib Fudge’, ‘Chewy Coconut Stuffed Apples’ and most of the teas, smoothies, savoury dressings and condiments without any issues. So far, my favourite recipe has been the unusual ‘Cinnamon Tahini Coconut Bliss Balls’. I’ve tried my fair share of bliss balls but the flavour of these little treasures is unique, surprising and down-right addictive.


Angie’s ‘Chocolate Avocado Pudding’ will be featuring in the dessert tasting plate I am presenting to my family at Christmas lunch this year (shhh, don’t tell them it’s gluten free and vegan!). I am certain this decadent chocolaty goodness will be a winner!

If you too would like to fall in love with this 167 beautiful pages of gluten free joy, then head over to http://www.lovelifeandglutenfree.com/shop/ and grab yourself a copy of ‘Love Life & Gluten Free’. This book also makes a great gift that is sure to even convert your most ardent of wheat loving family and friends.


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Disclaimer: I came to write this review by way of Angie gifting me a signed copy of her book. I paid for my ticket to her book launch and was not paid for this review.


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