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I was recently lucky enough to win 20 days of catering from EATFITFOOD, via a Vitasoy Facebook competition. It was one of those ones where you write the answer in ’20 words or less’. The question was about what defines summer for you and my answer was all about the incredible feeling of taking a run in the fresh and electric air after a midsummer afternoon storm, when everything smells of rain, cut grass and eucalyptus (only obviously I managed to get all that down under the 20 words).

To quote the EATFITFOOD website; ‘EATFITFOOD (EFF) provides great tasting, healthy home delivered meals in Melbourne and Sydney’ so for 20 days I was to be supplied my breakfast, lunch, dinner, two snacks and a juice, delivered fresh daily before 5am every morning! A break from cooking! Woot! The guys at EATFITFOOD grow a lot of the fresh ingredients on their own farm and offer gluten free and dairy free meals. They use no refined sugar/added sugar and also provide for vegetarians, low carb and paleo. Suffice to say this is clean eating to the max! EFF doesn’t currently offer low FODMAP specifically but when I explained my needs/restrictions to their staff they were kind enough to go through each week’s menu options and highlight the meals that contained no high FODMAP ingredients. They moved me onto a more flexible menu than the package I had actually won, in order to ensure there would be more low FODMAP items for me to choose from. And, catering to me also meant they had to deliver outside of their current geographical boundaries, but that was no problem either. They made an exception for the 20 days so that I could enjoy my prize. And enjoy it I did!

Every morning I opened my front door to find a freezer pack or two waiting, carefully packed and perfectly cold. Since I actually eat two breakfasts each morning; one before training and then one after, I ordered an extra EFF meal, prepared my own or supplemented the EFF breakfast with extra salad/veggies. Most often the brekkie was some form of eggs – omelette, poached or scrambled, with greens and tomato. GF bread was provided for toasting but I collected and froze the slices until I later had enough to make a batch of salad croutons.

Chia Bran Pancakes (1) LR

My other favourite brekky options were the GF/DF Chia and Goji Bircher Muesli with Coyo (not strictly low FODMAP due to the apple juice but it went down ok for me as a nice treat) and the Apple Cinnamon and Chia Bran Pancakes with Berry Compote and Coyo (same again re not being strictly low FODMAP). I was not a huge fan of the Cinnamon, Brown Rice and Quinoa Porridge with Rice Milk as this was a bit bland and heavy. I don’t do well on heavy carb meals.

Bircher Muesli (1) LR

The snacks I enjoyed the most were the Raw Carrot Coconut Cups (but these were so dense I divided each into two feeds), the Lemon Ginger Tahini Balls (though if you are paying for EFF these are quite overpriced by comparison with bliss balls in wholefoods shops/cafes) and the Summer Berry and Banana Bread with Psyllium (the texture and flavour of this GF bread was yummo!).

Lemon + Tahini Balls (4) LR

Lunch and Dinner with EFF is restaurant quality. We’re talking the likes of:

–          The incredibly delicious Portuguese-Crusted Salmon with Ancient Grains, Cumin Coyo and Dutch Carrots (the Coyo and Carrots were so good I’d be happy just with those!)

–          The totally tasty Nicoise Salad with Green Beans, Olives, Egg, Potato, Capers and a Lemon Vinaigrette,

–          My weakness – Raw Zucchini ‘Lasagne’ with Walnut Bolognaise and Cashew Bechamel,

–          Light and cheery Roast Pumpkin on a Citrus Quinoa Salad

–          And the fresh Prawn and Avocado Salad with Rocket, Cherry Tomatoes and Chilli Lime Dressing etc….

Ocean Trout Confit (3) LR

No cutting, prepping or cooking was involved beyond a quick zap in the microwave or moment in the pan just to re-heat the proteins. Cleverly EFF provide the proteins a little underdone so when you do re-heat them they don’t dry out.

Once my prize period came to end I missed EFF but wasn’t able to continue with them because I live outside their delivery area. The other drawback is budgeting for the cost of the EFF meals as they are quite expensive, compared to home cooking, but the question of cost does depend on the $$$ value you place on your own time. Some meals are certainly better value than others – I would definitely rate the dinners as these are as good as you would get eating out and yet are cheaper than doing so, but the snacks/desserts are quite highly priced when compared to similar offerings from the likes of About Life.

Overall, I would heartily recommend EFF to those who are looking to reclaim the time they would otherwise spend cooking. It freed me up to devote more attention to and gave me the right quantities of a variety of produce I often lack in my single person household. EFF strikes me as a particularly handy short term solution for new mums or those recovering from surgery/illness. Above all, the food was clean, fresh, guilt-free, nutritious, satisfying, of the highest quality and generally absolutely delicious! And in the end it’s a rare, rare thing to enjoy both wholesome food and home delivery convenience.

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Photos courtesy of EatFitFood (but yes, the meals did look this good once plated up).

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