Cancer Hero Profile

Everyone has had days where everything feels out of our control and the only constant is a question too paralysing to ask, when and how will this end?

For Clive Lewis, no amount of questions or cancer cells can ever paralyse him from striving to achieve his goals. He just keeps pushing on, focusing on each next step into the future.

I met Clive about 12 months ago and was shocked to hear he had been diagnosed with “the big c” three times! The first time he was diagnosed with a large and advanced cancerous growth on his kidney. After surgery, he was told by both his surgeon and oncologist that he was completely clear of cancer and it would never come back again. Clive then set about investing his time in healing and improving his health by working out at the gym.

He suddenly was diagnosed with a second cancer in his right lung in November 2014 and had it removed the following month. Now twice bitten, Clive realised he was in the fight of his life and that nothing would ever be certain for him again.

The third cancer diagnosis came in March 2015, this time in his left lung and was removed in May 2015. It was during this time that Clive was told he could have ‘hundreds or thousands of cancer cells’ running around his body. When asked to consider Chemotherapy, Clive declined and decided to focus instead on enjoying a healthy and natural life.

Clive has already outlived the odds. His positive mind and stoic will-power has seen him beat all predictions so far. He works out every day he is able, follows a wholefood plant based diet and still works.

On March 24, 2016 Clive revealed that yet again his cancer is back – it was no longer a surprise.

To Clive Lewis, every single day, “the big c” is nothing but his biggest motivation to face forward and keep driving on.

“When you have had any major illness with ongoing repercussions; looking forward with a positive mind-set and a passion for life is the best and only place to be “ – Clive Lewis

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