Recipe – Coconut Cherry Mini Parfait



This Coconut Cherry Mini Parfait is GLUTEN FREE, LACTOSE FREE, NO ADDED SUGAR, VEGETARIAN and a real hit with my family and friends!

MAKES 12 x 200ml SERVES


2 cans of cherries in juice (no added sugar variety preferably)

vegetarian gelatin or agar agar (kanten)

800 grams plain or berry flavoured coconut yoghurt (I use COYO. Available from health food stores and selected delis.

3-4 tbsp gluten free toasted muesli per parfait serve (I use Brookfarm Cranberry GF Muesli and toast it myself with a very light drizzle of local raw honey. Brookfarm Muesli is available from health food stores, Harris Farm and selected delis or at

1 tbsp toasted coconut flakes per parfait serve (I toast my own with a very light drizzle of real maple syrup – makes your kitchen smell divine!)

1 tsp white chia seeds per parfait serve (mixed in and toasted with the muesli)

12 fresh cherries with stalks on (to serve)

small clear drink tumblers or parfait glasses around 200ml capacity

To make the cherry jelly, put the canned cherries through a food processor until they are pureed. Prepare vegetarian gelatin or agar agar as per the packet instructions and stir into the cherry puree. Pour into a bowl and refrigerate to set.

Toast your coconut flakes and muesli (separately) in the oven (you may need to grease your baking trays with a little coconut oil of they have a tendency to stick). If you are going to store these ingredients before assembling the parfaits, ensure they are fully cooled in the open, before putting into airtight containers, or they may go soggy.

To assemble the parfaits, slice the cherry jelly into small blocks around 1cm square. Place a layer of 1-2tbsp of jelly into each cup. Next, spoon a layer of 1-2tbsp of yoghurt into each cup (if the coconut yoghurt is too stiff to smooth down then leave it out of the fridge for a little while to soften) and top with a layer of 1-2tbsp toasted muesli and chia mix. Repeat the process with the yoghurt and muesli so that now you should be about level with the rim of your cups. Crumble the toasted coconut flakes over the muesli and top each cup with a single cherry.

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